Greeks fly kites for Clean Monday holiday despite pandemic

Colorful kites danced in the skies above the hilltops and seafront promenades of Athens on Clean Monday as Greeks turned out to celebrate the Eastern Christian holiday in their traditional fashion after being hit hard by the pandemic during the winter.

Parks to remain open for kite flying on Monday

The government is expected to announce Friday that parks in cities will remain open on Monday when Greeks mark the first day of Lent – dubbed Clean Monday – and citizens head to open spaces to fly kites. 

Greek Carols | December 24 – January 8

The Domna Samiou Choir, an ensemble created in 1993 by the late doyenne of Greek folk music, performs traditional Christmas carols from different parts of the country and different eras.

Easter accidents boost calls for strict regulations

In the wake of a cameraman’s death during a traditional event and the accidental shooting of an 8-year-old girl on Easter Sunday, calls have grown for the imposition of restrictions on potentially dangerous customs.

Yiorgos Kaloudis | Athens | February 21

In August 2017 Yiorgos Kaloudis brought music back to the Ancient Theater of Aptera, 17 centuries after the ancient city's demise. On Thursday, February 21, the master of the traditional Cretan lyre will perform a recital at Athens's Museum of Cycladic Art.

A stitch in time: Cyprus’s Lefkaritiko lace faces grim future

Legend has it that the intricate needlework used in embroidery known as "Lefkaritiko" lace was of such high quality that Leonardo Da Vinci himself bought a tablecloth when he visited this mountainous village in the late 15th century and gifted it to Milan’s cathedral.

The Dowry | Athens | To August 31

The custom of the dowry, which has been largely dispensed with in modern Greece, is showcased in a fascinating exhibition at the Angeliki Hatzimichali Museum of Folk Art and Tradition.

Folk Dance Festival | Patmos | September 8-10

Ten folk dance groups comprising 180 dancers from Thrace to the Peloponnese and from the islands of the Ionian to those of the Aegean, will gather on Patmos for the sixth Festival of Traditional Dance and Music, running from Friday, September 8, to Sunday, September 10.

Folk Dance Festival | Skopelos | August 26-28

The fifth annual Diamantis Palaiologos Folklore Dance Festival, put together by the Plegma nonprofit organization, is all set to go on the island of Skopelos, featuring traditional dances from all over Greece, as well as Nepal, Italy and Spain.