Nikos Vatopoulos

Nikos Vatopoulos

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  • Languages spoken: Greek, English, French
  • Local/Demographic: Athens, London
  • Reportage: Culture
  • Job title: Journalist, Opinion

Nikos Vatopoulos was born in 1960 in Athens. He studied Sociology at Deree College and pursued a Masters in European Studies at Reading University in the UK. Starting from 1988, he has been working for Kathimerini, developing an expertise on urban reporting from the city of Athens. He was in charge of the Arts and Culture reporting from 2007 to 2014, and has published the books “The Face of Athens” (Potamos Publications, 2001) and “Walking around Athens” (Metaixmio Publications, 2018). The latter is a selection of texts from his Sunday Column “Layers” in Kathimerini. In parallel, Nikos also occupies himself with photography, he gives speeches and lectures on urban stories from Athens and he organizes walking architectural tours in the city.



A yawning cultural chasm


The generations that grew up during the Cold War era are to some degree unable to understand, or at least adapt to, the immense social and geopolitical changes of recent years.