09.09.2021 / 08:20

Worried that the number of cases of fake anti-Covid vaccination certificates may significantly exceed the 34 already revealed, the government has ordered the police’s Internal Affairs Division, which deals with public sector corruption, to investigate.

17.06.2021 / 08:21

The new labor law bill fiercely debated in Greek Parliament on Wednesday highlighted the huge chasm between the government and opposition SYRIZA and the wider conflict between two vastly different political outlooks.

10.02.2021 / 11:46

The government and the main opposition on Tuesday continued their clash over the education bill, which, notably, provides for the introduction of a police corps into universities.

08.01.2021 / 12:58

While eagerly awaiting the post-Trump era of US politics, Greek leaders condemned Wednesday’s storming of Capitol Hill in Washington by supporters of the outgoing Donald Trump. 

05.01.2021 / 09:10

The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece is defying the government’s decision to keep churches out of bounds for worshippers during Wednesday’s celebration of the Epiphany, with the government responding that no one can decide to observe only the laws they like.

30.12.2020 / 08:58

The Greek government Tuesday dismissed the latest call by Turkey for a renegotiation of the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, which set out the modern borders between the two countries, noting that the only difference between Athens and Ankara, which can be addressed in the context of exploratory contacts, is the delimitation of the maritime zones.

21.12.2020 / 19:31

It is rare to hear a member of Parliament make a meaningful contribution that transcends the miserly framework of what passes as public dialogue. One of those rare contributions was made during the debate in Parliament on the budget.

21.08.2020 / 10:15

The agreements signed by Greece with Italy first and then Egypt, for the delimitation of the countries’ respective exclusive economic zones, were submitted to Parliament Thursday, where they are expected to be ratified on Wednesday, August 26. 

20.08.2020 / 09:35

The leaders of the European Union expressed their solidarity with Greece and Cyprus during an extraordinary summit on Wednesday, at the same time stressing the need to resolve their differences with Turkey through dialogue.

14.08.2020 / 08:22

Concerns that the standoff between Greek and Turkish fleets in the Eastern Mediterranean could lead to an accident were confirmed on Thursday, albeit not in a dramatic way, when two frigates collided.

12.08.2020 / 07:50

As Ankara continued to escalate tensions on Tuesday, with successive statements by Turkish officials announcing the continuation of exploratory activities by the Oruc Reis survey vessel, as well as new ones in areas of the Greek continental shelf, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias declared that Greece will not accept a fait accompli in the Eastern Mediterranean and called on the Turkish government to recall its research ship from the area.