A man injured in the Tempe train crash which killed 57 people on February 28, 2023, has sued then-transport minister Kostas Karamanlis, adding to an already heavy dossier of charges.

12.03.2024 / 08:02

The cross-party parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the deadly train collision in Tempe, central Greece in February 2023 ended its sessions on Monday with each party submitting its own conclusions.

13.02.2024 / 18:09

The majority of Greek citizens positively assess the United States’ stance toward Greece, believing that the US would conduct a “diplomatic and restrained” intervention in the event of a Greek-Turkish crisis. Notably, Greek citizens favor President Joe Biden over likely Republican candidate Donald Trump in the run-up to the US elections this November. Lastly, the […]

03.02.2024 / 11:15

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a package of measures on Friday to further support farmers, aiming to end escalating agricultural mobilizations and roadblocks.

10.01.2024 / 18:59

Government sources have revealed that the Foreign Ministry is drafting legislation to further strengthen relations of diaspora Greeks with the homeland.

17.08.2023 / 21:03

Everything suggests, unfortunately, that we are about to fall into the same political trap. The leaderships of Greece’s parties are showing that they have already fallen into it by stubbornly refusing to learn from the many serious – especially in recent years – and painful mistakes of the past.

10.08.2023 / 16:48

Michalis Katsouris, whose life was cut short at the age of 29 on Monday night in the Athens suburb of Nea Filadelfia by organized killers, is not the first victim of hooliganism in this country.

29.07.2023 / 09:26

The head of the far-right Spartiates (Spartans) party has convened a meeting of its parliamentary group after playing down what is widely seen as a major challenge to his leadership.

20.07.2023 / 07:50

Wildfires are burning large tracts of forest and farmland in Attica and neighboring regions for the third day in a row, while another two major blazes, on the island of Rhodes and near the southern town of Sparta, flared up Wednesday.

19.07.2023 / 14:53

A bill that will make it easier for Greeks abroad to vote in national elections will be debated in a parliamentary committee starting Thursday, with the aim of it being voted on by MPs by the end of next week.

31.05.2023 / 22:00

The leader of the leftist SYRIZA party, Alexis Tsipras, along with the party’s senior officials, are busy analyzing the reasons behind their landslide defeat in the legislative elections held on May 21.

30.05.2023 / 16:49

With the decree issued on Monday by Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou dissolving Parliament and officially calling for elections on June 25, the country’s political parties are back on the campaign trail, holding the thread of continuity from the previous election period, but also with the necessary adjustments and new dilemmas, as imposed by the May 21 election result.