If we are incapable of preserving our irreplaceable national monuments, or conducting a serious investigation into a train collision which cost dozens of lives, how can we hope to be attentive regarding the preservation of the Calatrava roof, properly maintained buses, protect the copper wiring of our railways, or honor any high-quality infrastructure standards in our schools and hospitals?

15.11.2023 / 23:18

The SYRIZA government was an accident of history. A farce.

08.11.2023 / 21:53

Since his return from the United States, Stefanos Kasselakis, the new leader of SYRIZA, has aimed to project a more distinct and serious image compared to that immediately following his election, which had been consistently highlighted on morning television programs.

01.11.2023 / 22:30

The government announced new tax measures for the self-employed on Tuesday with the aim of cracking down on tax evasion, which is estimated to exceed 10 billion euros per year.

25.10.2023 / 23:36

Former SYRIZA secretary Panos Skourletis alleged on Tuesday that his party, specifically its former leader, Alexis Tsipras, had established a clandestine network dedicated to spreading disinformation through social media platforms.

22.10.2023 / 12:54

Approximately 1.5 million electricity connections have no associated taxpayer identification number. The average time for a court decision in Greece is 4.5 years, compared to just 450 days in the rest of the European Union. Seven out of 10 self-employed professionals report an annual income of less than 10,000 euros. The Olympic Stadium in Athens […]

15.09.2023 / 23:15

The worst flood in Greece’s modern history, which transformed the Thessaly Plain into a lake within just a few hours, consuming people, animals, homes and livelihoods, has cast a dark shadow over society. What’s more, it comes just after the massive ecological disaster at Evros.

22.08.2023 / 21:18

I’m reading that dozens of Greeks have been lining up at police stations in some parts of the country, wanting to renew their identification cards before the new, more advanced ones are launched on September 1. These people are being lured by conspiracy theorists on social media who claim that the microchip embedded in the […]

09.08.2023 / 10:03

It appears that certain individuals within the government have a penchant for causing frustration among the populace.

20.07.2023 / 10:00

The meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Vilnius last week was hailed by some as a new page in the resolution of Greek-Turkish disputes through The Hague, while others were quick to describe it as the first step of a national retreat.

22.06.2023 / 09:14

A few days remain until the end of the most tiring pre-election period in recent decades, where the main role in the political debate was not played by the programs of the parties but by some statements made by members of New Democracy and SYRIZA. This is characteristic of the mutation that political dialogue has […]

14.06.2023 / 22:39

Three weeks have passed since the election on May 21, in which the SYRIZA leftists suffered a crushing defeat.

07.06.2023 / 22:21

Greece’s tax policy has become a field of fierce confrontation between the political parties. Politicians are clamoring for reductions or increases in taxes on parental gifts, dividends and VAT on products.

17.05.2023 / 16:11

I recently asked an opposition SYRIZA official to name one good thing the New Democracy government has done these past four years. He paused for a few seconds and then tried to dodge the question.