02.02.2024 / 22:50

With the storm over the planned legislation for same-sex marriage having subsided – at least on the surface – the tranquil monastic community of Mount Athos welcomed its new civil administrator at the start of this week.

29.01.2024 / 21:58

As the new year begins, the tourism industry is gearing up, and the messages for the upcoming summer season are exceptionally encouraging.

14.01.2024 / 09:38

After the “salvo” of the Holy (Monastic) Community against the visit of Archbishop of America Elpidophoros to Mt. Athos, delivered on the occasion of the baptism of children of a Greek-American same-sex couple, the monastic community is going through days of solemnity due to the Christmas holidays, which are celebrated according to the old Julian calendar.

18.12.2023 / 21:35

Judgment time is near for the jailed mayor-elect of the ethnic-Greek Albanian town of Himare, as the special corruption court responsible for hearing his case convenes on Tuesday to the crux of the matter. This means ruling on whether Fredi Beleri is guilty of vote-buying. It is the same court that last week rejected his […]

15.12.2023 / 22:33

He came to our meeting with his three companeros. He had just arrived at the mission’s offices in Thessaloniki from Colombia and he greeted me singing, “Hello, Mother Saloniki,” a song by popular singer Zafiris Melas. “I love Thessaloniki. I studied here, at the Aristotle School of Theology. I carry the […]

09.12.2023 / 13:36

Why are the Turkish president’s efforts to spread his influence among Muslim populations falling on deaf ears? In a recent speech in Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan donned the mantle of leader of the Muslim world and spoke of the “geography of his heart,” with crowds of Islamists responding with the slogan “Here is the general, […]

24.11.2023 / 22:31

This Saturday, the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates Agia Aikaterini (Saint Catherine), and the northern port city of Thessaloniki is eagerly anticipating the arrival of its new spiritual leader, symbolically welcomed “in strings and organs.” Recent days have seen intense preparations, as a multitude of dignitaries are expected, including prominent figures such as Prime Minister Kyriakos […]

15.11.2023 / 11:48

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will head to Thrace after his visit to Athens in early December, as he does every time he visits Greece, before returning to Ankara.

21.10.2023 / 11:15

Starting last Sunday night, the Municipality of Thessaloniki experienced a change in leadership, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the northern port city.

16.10.2023 / 09:20

Athens is reportedly open to the possibility of making a recommendation in the EU’s report on the accession countries that as long as the issue of ethnic Greek mayor-elect Fredi Beleri is not resolved, the opening of chapters for Albania will not proceed.

13.10.2023 / 23:49

Of the three big municipalities where Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis formally expressed his party’s backing for a mayoral candidate, the northern port city of Thessaloniki is where the attention will be focused in this Sunday’s runoff.

06.10.2023 / 22:15

Against the backdrop of the ongoing case of the imprisoned mayor-elect of Himare, Fredi Beleri, which is casting a significant shadow over relations between the Greek minority in southern Albania – and by extension Athens – and the government led by Prime Minister Edi Rama, Albania is currently conducting a population census.

15.09.2023 / 21:14

Bulgaria’s nomination as country of honor at this year’s Thessaloniki International Fair may come as a surprise at first. This is an honor that is usually reserved for countries with a powerful economy and significant investment interest in the host country.