Apart from weakening the so-called systemic parties and electing new ones to Parliament, the recent elections in Bulgaria also expressed the electorate’s disapproval of the ultra-nationalist parties that did not make the cut.

11.04.2021 / 10:16

Last Sunday’s election result has thrown Bulgaria into a period of political uncertainty. Not far from there, alarming developments seem to be unfolding in Ukraine.

24.03.2021 / 14:26

The director of the regional health clinic at Karyes expects that by the end of May over 500 monks, out of a general population of about 4,000, will have been vaccinated in the autonomous monastic polity in Northern Greece. 

05.03.2021 / 21:19

A year after a failed attempt by thousands of undocumented migrants and refugees to force their way into Greece through its northeastern land border with Turkey, the Evros frontier has evolved into an almost impenetrable European fortress.

14.01.2021 / 16:53

Immediately after Greece announced the expansion of its territorial waters in the Ionian Sea from 6 to 12 miles, some in Albania started playing the same old, tired tune: “Greece is making a grab at our seas.”

30.11.2020 / 20:10

Bulgaria’s insistence on blocking European Union accession talks with North Macedonia risks creating another fissure in NATO’s southeastern flank. Two of its member-states are already deeply divided and now two more appear headed for a collision.