The oldest archaeological evidence of domesticated dog bones comprises two significant discoveries: one in Germany, dating back 14,700 years, where a dog was buried alongside a couple; and another in Israel, dating back 12,000 years, where a woman was buried with a puppy nestled under her arm, only a few months […]


30.11.2023 / 21:19

Greece ranks among the worst performing countries in terms of time taken to diagnose HIV patients (2.9 years on average), along with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, according to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

23.11.2023 / 23:42

In his native land, an island in the eastern Aegean where his parents and grandparents eked out their livelihoods from the soil, he has been witnessing the gradual collapse of fields for years.

17.11.2023 / 13:46

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) awareness campaign gets under way on Saturday as part of World Antibiotic Awareness Week (November 18-24) amid growing concern over the proliferation of strains of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi for which there are virtually no active antibiotics available.

16.10.2023 / 11:35

Sister Daniilia is 61 years old and resides in the Holy Monastery of Little Galilee, situated atop the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem.

21.09.2023 / 14:37

An increasing number of cancer patients are finding a cure thanks to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, especially if the disease is detected early.

25.08.2023 / 05:40

Bass Rock is an island not too far off the coast of Scotland, east of Edinburgh. It is home to the largest northern gannet (Morus bassanus) colony in the world, hosting nearly 75,000 couples each year.

23.08.2023 / 23:18

Lasithi, Crete. Our journey took us to a once-thriving mountain village. In the past, the place relied on agricultural and livestock production that bound its residents to their homeland.

15.07.2023 / 20:00

In a bid to tackle the scourge of double parking, traffic police will soon be unleashed in Athens and other major urban centers with tablets to identify offenders and directly calculate the fines, which will be transmitted directly to TAXISnet. 

09.07.2023 / 16:17

The approval by the US Food and Drug Administration last Thursday of the antibody treatment Leqembi, which significantly slows the progression of Alzheimer’s in its early stages, has given hope to millions of patients and their families. 

06.04.2023 / 23:38

“My parents moved to Greece from a village in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) in the 1990s, with the dream of returning to their homeland and having fought to keep their Greek identity alive in Albania,” says Anastasia Thano, who was born in Athens. “However, in 2009, just before the debt crisis […]

04.04.2023 / 18:44

A new platform providing citizens and animal welfare organizations free legal guidance and court representation through a specialized network of lawyers regarding animal abuse cases has been set up by the Dogs’ Voice nonprofit organization.