Eleni Grammatopoulou is a food service worker at the Papanikolaou Hospital in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, responsible for bringing food to the patients on the Covid-19 ward.

05.10.2021 / 10:33

He was born in New York to Greek migrants; his father worked as a waiter at the Waldorf Astoria and his mother was a housewife.

27.09.2021 / 14:17

Greece has a shortage of forklift operators because of antiquated laws requiring a long apprenticeship and more than a year’s worth of wages before certification.

06.09.2021 / 08:35

Amid Greece’s dire epidemiological forecasts regarding this autumn, health experts are raising concerns over what they describe as an explosive cocktail.

06.04.2021 / 22:20

One day, when she was a professor at the Sorbonne, she brought the wrong briefcase and walked into a sophomore class with teaching material for postgraduate students. She had to teach the class without any notes.

19.02.2021 / 15:00

He’s scheduled to get his second dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Saturday and is counting down the days like a kid waiting for a school trip.

27.12.2020 / 18:17

Blueground – a firm that arranges long-term leases for furnished apartments in Europe, the United States and Asia – started in 2020 with the assurance of tens of millions of dollars in funding and was poised to expand to even more markets, aiming to manage 50,000 properties in 50 cities worldwide in the next few years.

09.10.2020 / 22:33

Following the announcement that Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ experimental monoclonal antibody cocktail was used to treat US President Donald Trump, the president and chief scientific officer of the American biotechnology company, Dr George Yancopoulos, found himself at the center of international attention.

28.09.2020 / 20:52

US journalist David Wallace-Wells, whose work has appeared in New York magazine and the Guardian, is best known for his work on climate change, and his first book, New York Times bestseller “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming,” which is inspired by a 2017 article in New York magazine and was published last year, is a loud wake-up call.

29.06.2020 / 16:26

Professor of cell biology at Harvard Medical School and chair at the College de France Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas not only has knowledge and experience in every facet of biomedical research, but also a vision about how his homeland could benefit.