There exists a hair-raising culture of settling personal accounts, maybe a leftover from before the dawn of civilization, but still acceptable for parts of society where loss of control, crossing the line and eruptions of violence are seen as a natural outcome of upsetting social interactions.


09.02.2021 / 08:40

The presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in raw sewage from the Attica basin shot up 205% between January 29 and February 5, indicating that Greece is facing a fresh surge in the pandemic, a professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Athens has said.

05.01.2021 / 08:34

Chemists studying the spread of the coronavirus through analysis of human waste from the public sewage system have come to an unanticipated conclusion: About half a million Athenians left the area of the Greek capital over the holidays, with a lockdown in effect.

21.12.2020 / 20:02

An immaterial, invisible universe, the foundation of our smart world, is already transforming our lives. The cloud is the backbone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hidden inside it is an unknown, 10-year-old Greek story of international success.

05.10.2020 / 19:55

A group of Greek scientists from universities at home and abroad are working on a plan to harness plentiful clean energy from the country’s seas, Kathimerini has learned.

04.09.2020 / 22:02

Crises tend to have a drastic effect on our way of life, affecting how much alcohol or coffee we drink or how many cigarettes we smoke, what kind of medicine we take and in what doses, what kinds of narcotics we abuse and how many chemicals we use. 

30.08.2020 / 18:09

The port of Piraeus is one of the biggest cargo gateways into Europe, coming fourth in container traffic and first in ship arrivals and departures. However, its location right in the middle of Piraeus does not just bring economic growth to the city; it also has a significant environmental impact.