National Theatre to live stream ‘The Kodjabashis of Castropyrgos’ on World Theatre Day


The National Theatre of Greece is inviting audiences to celebrate World Theatre Day on March 27 by watching its online adaptation of the M. Karagatsis novel “The Kodjabashis of Castropyrgos,” which will be livestreamed on Saturday from the Rex Theatre’s Marika Kotopouli Stage in Athens.

The great M. Karagatsis’s extraordinary trilogy of novels “ The Kodjabashis of Castropyrgos”, “ Blood lost and won”, and “ The last days of Michalos” are brought to the stage as the National Theatre of Greece marks the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

The novel presents history through the personal story of Micahlos Rousis, a man thirsty for life who does not hesitate to become an outlaw, a traitor, but also a hero.

It was adapted for the stage by Thanasis Triaridis and directed by Dimitris Tarlow, while the live stream has optional subtitles in English. The play starts at 7.30 p.m.