On Hydra, a lecture and exhibition on Pergamos

Summer is here and it’s time to get out of town and head out to sea. On the Saronic island of Hydra, the local Historical Archive and Museum is organizing an event in memory of the sculptor Vassos Kapandais, who hailed from – and whose work reflected – Pergamos in Asia Minor. «Pergamos – First in Asia» is the title of the event, which is to take place in the museum, a stone mansion on the waterfront. The writer and philologist Theodoros Kontaras is to speak on the subject of Pergamos: «A stroll through the town with the magnificent antiquities and nostalgic remnants of Greek Asia Minor communities.» There will also be an exhibition, open until May 30, of original archive and museum exhibits from Pergamos in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Hydra art collector and gallery owner Miranda Paraskeva-Sofianou has opened up her family chest containing the laces, fans and delicate embroideries that belonged to the family of her mother, the late Angela Sofianou, who until the end of her days, was a true «Pergamos princess.»