Construction is bracing for a windfall


The upcoming boost to construction sector companies is expected to create new business champions for a series of years to come.

That does not only concern the funds to be used for financing the projects to be constructed in the coming decade. Most importantly, a significant part of the new projects to be added to the portfolios of constructors will regard concession and public-private partnership (PPP) projects.

These are the projects that offer steady revenues in the long term, strengthening the outlook for future takings and profits, while also protecting firms from the sector’s risks.

Just the PPP projects up for grabs by the construction companies exceed 2.5 billion euros in total, and the list keeps growing. Another €1 billion will concern the waste management project that will also be implemented through PPP, while PPP or concession will be he mode for the biggest part of the norther Crete highway (BOAK), the underwater tunnel linking Perama with Salamina island, and the extensions of the Attica ring-road (Attiki Odos).

In total it is estimated that if one factors in the concession of Egnatia Odos highway in northern Greece, the contracts offered will add up to €7 billion by 2026.