EFKA still burdened by big problems


At the end of December the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) will be five years old – during which time its online version, e-EFKA, was also launched. However, its deficiencies continue to trouble workers and pensioners and create headaches for its managers and the Labor Ministry.

Despite the significant progress toward the development of digital applications – amid the pandemic too – EFKA is still burdened by significant problems as the merging of the various social security funds – in the way it was conducted by the previous government, at least – has not brought the desired results. For instance, in order to process a pension application, employees have to correct data in as many as four different databases.

As employees at the agency with years of experience tell Kathimerini, the administrative merging of EFKA has so far proven insufficient, at least as far as the central objective of the social security reform is concerned – that is the creation of a truly single entity.

A case in point is EFKA’s extremely problematic – according to the employees themselves – organizational chart, which had been drafted by the previous government before its 2017 launch.