ND leads SYRIZA, but both lose out over Me Too

ND leads SYRIZA, but both lose out over Me Too

Ruling New Democracy continues to maintain a double-digit lead over opposition SYRIZA in the latest nationwide survey conducted on February 26-28 by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV.

According to projections based on expected valid votes if elections were held today, 38% of respondents said they would vote for ND compared to 23% for the leftist party. The Movement for Change alliance was in third with 7.5%, ahead of communist KKE with 6%, nationalists Greek Solution with 4.5% and MeRA25 on 3%. 

Tellingly the survey suggests that both ND and SYRIZA have suffered due to their reactions to recent allegations of sexual abuse implicating prominent figures. In particular, 51% said the government did not handle these cases well while 59% said the same about SYRIZA.

The poll also showed changing attitudes toward vaccinations, with 80% saying they would get the jab for the coronavirus, compared to 74% in January 25-27.