Stathis Livathinos resigns from National Drama School


Respected stage director and actor Stathis Livathinos has resigned from the Drama School of the Greek National Theater, citing irreconcilable differences with students who have accused him of being a tyrant and a bully.

“I apologize again if I have hurt some of you – any strictness from my part hid nothing more than care and concern that you are properly equipped to face a future in the theater,” Livathinos, who has vehemently denied the allegations of verbal abuse, said in his letter of resignation. 

Speaking to Kathimerini earlier, Livathinos said that he does not feel any “bitterness” towards the students that complained about his teaching methods, but added that he also “refuses to enter into a dialogue” with them concerning his reasons for stepping down.

In an announcement, the National Theater said that the complaints against Livathinos were aired during a teleconference of school faculty and students held on February 6. Despite indications that bridges could be mended after that meeting, however, students since refused to attend the director’s classes, leading to Tuesday’s final rift.

The National Theater is already reeling from the serious charges brought against its last and now former artistic director, Dimitris Lignadis, who stands accused of raping two boys. 

The allegations have heralded a period of introspection at the state-run organization, which is calling on potential victims who have suffered any form of abuse at the hands of any of its members to come forward.