Bill to regulate micromobility vehicles presented to lawmakers


A new draft bill tabled in Parliament on Tuesday regulates the use of electric roller skates, rollers, skateboards, and self-balancing scooters in Greek cities.

In addition to micromobility vehicles, the bill will allow the use of motorbikes without a licence if they are built with a maximum 25 km/hr capability.

In the bill also requires towns with a population of over 30,000 to provide a Plan for Viable Urban Mobility that guarantees safety for residents and is environmentally friendly.

Other regulations include permission for vehicles of 6 km/hr maximum speed to be used at pedestrian walkways, and for those able to travel at between 6 and 25 km/hr to be treated as bicycles. Both are prohibited from travelling on high-speed roads (of over 50 km/h). [ANA-MPA]