Virus strains not invincible if safety measures observed


Speaking to Kathimerini, scientists reiterated that the coronavirus and its variants are not invincible if proper safety measures are adhered to.

Although it is now clear that the British strain that has prevailed over others in Greece is more contagious and a major factor in the third wave of the pandemic, epidemiologists Gikas Magiorkinis and Dimitris Paraskevis note that “there is no strain that can be transmitted when protection measures are adequate and social distancing is properly implemented.” 

“The British strain seems to have a higher frequency than any other at the moment in Greece,” said Magiorkinis, while Paraskevis noted that based on the available data, the strains of both these groups have increased infectivity.

“How contagious it is depends on many factors, such as whether the measures are followed or the average number of contacts of each person has,” Paraskevis added.