Police identify 3,000 violent soccer fans in Attica


There are 3,000 “high-risk hooligans” in the Athens area, according to police at the specialist Sub-Division for Countering Violence in Athletic Venues. 

They have been linked to numerous violent incidents, both at stadiums and in clashes with police, such as the latest one in Nea Smyrni, where a protest against police violence turned to violence against the police.

Many of the 3,000 have close contacts with anarchist groups, although some, such as the 150 hardcore fans of Egaleo, a third-division soccer team, are considered extreme right.

Besides the 3 “bigs” – AEK, Olympiakos and Panathinaikos – Egaleo, first-division Atromitos and fourth-division Panionios of Nea Smyrni also have sizable hooligan contingents.