Probe into online threats against soccer committee observer

The Permanent Committee for Combating Violence said on Tuesday it will forward to the competent prosecutor the complaints lodged by its observer at the Greek soccer league PAOK-Olympiakos match on February 18, for threatening online posts against him.

Man Utd defender Harry Maguire’s appeals trial in Greece postponed due to strike

The appeals trial of Manchester United defender Harry Maguire over a nightclub brawl on the Greek island of Mykonos has been postponed for a year because of a lawyers’ strike, court officials told The Associated Press. The 30-year-old England international is appealing a 21-month suspended sentence following the incident in 2020. His case was due […]

Soccer stadiums ready for action; cameras are not

This marks the final week before the anticipated return to normalcy for Greek soccer. Following a two-month security ban on supporters at Super League 1 (SL1) matches, the nation’s top division for soccer, gates are poised to reopen, with optimism that the new regulations against sports-related violence will instill order. 

Fans returning to stadiums

Sticking to the government’s pledge, Deputy Sports Minister Giannis Vroutsis told Parliament on Monday that fans will return to soccer stadiums on February 13 after a ban imposed last December in response to a spate of sports-related violence.