Two police units put body cameras to the test


In response to accusations of heavy-handed police tactics to quash street protests, police yesterday started trialing the use of body cameras on officers of the DRASI motorcycle unit and the crime prevention and suppression team (OPKE).

The portable cameras attached to the uniforms of officers will record their movements as they carry out their duties. 

“The cameras are being used by DRASI and OPKE as a pilot program. In a little while they will be everywhere. An image, a sound, the whole truth,” said Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis in a tweet. 

The cameras will beam images back to the operations center on Katehaki Avenue in Athens. 

The material will be archived, stored and accessible to the prosecutor’s office. According to the manufacturer, the devices can operate in low light conditions. In the first phase, 20 cameras will be used.