Outdoor dining set to return


Restaurants will reopen as of May 3 and will be allowed to remain open until 11 p.m., with the onus on customers as regards whether or not they opt to violate the evening curfew, according to the rules that were announced last week.

Businesses operating exclusively as bars, as well as catering companies, will have to remain closed.

More specifically, according to the rules, customers will only be allowed to sit outdoors and, in a departure from last year when restaurants reopened, the operation of semi-outdoor spaces will not be allowed.

Standing customers will not be allowed while only up to six people can sit at each table. Tables will have to be at least a certain distance from each other.

As for restaurants’ bars, only seated customers will be allowed. 

Up to two stools may be placed side by side. The next pair of stools should be 1.5 meters away.

The staff will also will have to conduct self-tests twice a week.

The cost of one self-test will be covered by the state, while the expense for the other will be covered by the employer.

Disinfectants must be placed on every table while employees will be required to wear a mask. Customers must also wear a mask while waiting and there is a strong mask recommendation for seated customers to do so as well.

What’s more, the menus must be disinfected between each set of customers.