Experts advise mRNA shot for expectant mothers


The Hellenic Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (HSOG) issued new guidelines on Wednesday saying that while all the available Covid-19 vaccines are considered safe, pregnant women should, if they have the option, choose one of the two mRNA vaccines available in Greece – the Moderna and the Pfizer – rather than viral vector shots.

HSOG also strongly recommended that all pregnant women are vaccinated against Covid-19 to reduce the risk of hospitalization in the event of infection or premature birth, even though 73% of pregnant women who have tested positive for the virus have been asymptomatic. The vaccines are safe at all stages of pregnancy, HSOG added.

Women who are planning a pregnancy, receiving fertility treatment or breastfeeding should also be inoculated and are advised to use any vaccine available to them, the expert body said.