Frying pan murderess convicted to life


A court in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, handed a life sentence on Tuesday to a 55-year-old woman found guilty of murdering her former father-in-law with a frying pan in 2019.

According to the case file, the retired teacher beat the 85-year-old man to death in his home and then posed his body on the apartment block’s stairs to make it look like an accident.

The woman appears to have had a history of mental instability and violence, however, and had been living locked in a room in her father-in-law’s home while her ex-husband tried to have her committed to a mental institution.

Investigators believe that she attacked the 85-year-old after obtaining a key to the room and learning of her ex-husband’s plan.

She was committed to life in prison in absentia, after allegedly feigning sickness for the third time to avoid appearing before the court.