Civil protection authorities warn of fire hazard on Thursday


With temperatures in the high 30s Celsius persisting this week and coming on the tail of a nearly two-week heatwave, Greek authorities have issued a fire hazard warning for Thursday.

According to the fire hazard prediction map published by the Civil Protection Agency on Wednesday for Thursday, 10 regions are considered to be at particular risk of wildfires, ranking at Level 4 out of 5, or orange. They are Attica, Argolida, Chios, Crete, Evia, Ikaria, Lesvos, Psaras, Samos and Viotia.

civil-protection-authorities-warn-of-fire-hazard-on-thursday0Other parts of the eastern mainland, the eastern Peloponnese and the islands of the Aegean are ranked at Level 3 – yellow, or high risk – with the remainder, mainly toward the west, being shown in blue (Level 2; medium risk) with small pockets of green (Level 1; low risk) in the north and central mainland.

Residents and visitors are advised not to engage in any dangerous activities such as building campfires, holding barbecues or burning plant trimmings in at-risk regions, and especially in wooded areas. They are also urged to be especially mindful of littering, as trash like tin cans, cigarette butts or plastic bottles can spark or accelerate a blaze.