No active fire front at Seikh Sou forest near Thessaloniki


A fire that broke out at Seikh Sou, the forest overlooking Thessaloniki, has now been contained and “there is no active front”, the Fire Brigade said on Tuesday.

The fire is winding down, they said, as 66 firefighters with 22 engines and 4 forest units remain at the site, aided by three airplanes.

The blaze broke out around 1 p.m. and alarmed the city, but “we were lucky there was no wind,” Mayor Konstantinos Zervas said.

Owner of nearby hotel “Filippio” Labrini Kelesidou said that it had been evacuated by 2 p.m., with the exception of one room and 12 staff members. The hotel was not threatened by the fire and is preparing to welcome nearly 100 guests this evening.

Traffic police has reopened the Peripheral Road in both directions.