Skeptics fueling pressure on public health system


A staggering 95% of people with Covid-19 and 99% of patients at hospital intensive care units are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated, according to latest data compiled by Greek health authorities.

The figures demonstrate that vaccinated people are much less likely to become infected, infect others, display symptoms and become seriously ill.

In contrast, health experts contend that “if a carrier of the highly contagious Delta variant meets with a group of 20 people, half of whom are unvaccinated, they have the potential to infect all 10 of the unvaccinated, but only one of the vaccinated.”

Exerts say the latest surge in cases that has the public healthcare system on heightened alert is being driven by young unvaccinated people.

Tellingly, there were 173 new hospital admissions last Thursday, when at the end of June new Covid admissions were at around 40 a day.