Athens metro services to get back to normal after summer lull


After easing off for the summer holiday season, the frequency of the capital’s trains will get back to normal as of Monday.

Services on Line 1 of the Athens metro (the Kifissia-Piraeus ISAP electric railway) will run every six minutes during the morning and afternoon rush hours, every 7.5 minutes between those two periods, and every 11.5-15 minutes in the early morning and evening.

On weekends, services are every 10.5 minutes at rush hour and every 15 minutes off-peak.

Services on Line 2 (Anthoupoli-Elliniko) will run every 4.5 minutes at rush hour and at between seven and 10 minutes off-peak, with services on weekends every seven minutes for peak hours and 10 minutes off-peak.

Services on Line 3 (Nikaia-Doukissis Plakentias/Airport) will run every four minutes from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (every eight minutes from Nikaia station) and between six and 10 minutes over the rest of the day.

Weekend services run between every seven and 10 minutes.