New cases still under 2,000, but deaths and intubations remain high


Forty-seven people died of Covid-related complications on Monday – rapidly taking Greece’s novel coronavirus death toll closer to 14,000 at 13,933 – and 379 patients are on ventilators, though new cases showed continued signs of easing, staying at below 2,000.

In its daily bulletin on Monday afternoon, the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) reported 1,765 new infections. This was a small rise from Sunday’s 1,291, but a marked improvement from last Monday’s 2,343 and the 2,925 cases reported on August 6.

Sunday’s fatalities were lower at 43, though the number of intubated patients was slightly higher at 381. Last Monday, deaths came to 19 and there were 338 Covid patients on ventilators.