Top prosecutor digs deeper into far-right attacks


Taking an important step in the effort to curb extremist violence from far-right groups, Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotas is seeking a clampdown on nascent organizations espousing neo-Nazi or racist ideologies.

Pliotas sent a circular to the prosecutorial services of Athens and Thessaloniki on Wednesday ordering them to conduct more in-depth probes into far-right pockets or groups implicated in a spate of recent attacks against perceived ideological rivals. 

The aim, he indicated, would be to ascertain whether these groups may be building up to or joining forces in the creation of criminal organizations similar to the now-disbanded neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Far-right extremists have orchestrated several vicious attacks on leftist students, anti-racists and other activists in different parts of Athens and Thessaloniki in recent days, including at two technical high schools in the northern port city.