2 missing Ukrainian pilgrims found safe on Mount Athos


Two Ukrainian pilgrims to the Mount Athos monastic community, missing since Friday night, have been found, exhausted but unharmed, police say.

They were located by police officers from the Mount Athos department and the Megisti Lavra police station near a hermitage belonging to the Megisti Lavra monastery and are in good health. They have been transferred to a Romanian monastery for first aid, as they are exhausted from their adventure.

The two Ukrainians became separated from six other compatriots, in dense fog conditions, when they took a wrong turn.

When the others realized they were missing, they notified authorities at 8.30 p.m. Friday. A rescue operation was immediately launched; 14 police officers, 8 firefighters from the service’s special rescue section, as well as monks who know the area well, took part.