Tourism numbers in Sept were 75% of those in Sept 2019, minister says


Tourism arrivals in Greece in September amounted to 75% of those reached in the same month in 2019, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias told SKAI radio on Friday.

Some 8.6 million tourists arrived in Greece between January-August 2021, compared to 4.8 million in the same time in 2020, translating to a 79.2 percent increase, he added.

In August 2021 alone 4 million tourists came to Greece, which is 125.5% up from the same month last year, while in September 2021 some 2,352,788 tourists visited the country – up 110%from September 2020.

“We hit our 2021 target to reach 50% of the tourism turnover of 2019,” noted Kikilias.

“This is the result of a gigantic effort by the government,” he added, “and the successful rebranding of Greece in relation to new health protocols, and the way we managed the coronavirus pandemic, which made visitors feel safe.” [AMNA]