Bishop orders clerics to get vaccinated after parishioners contract virus


A bishop has ordered clerics in his island diocese to take the Covid-19 vaccine after it emerged that an infected priest who had officiated at a service and distributed communion to faithful may have spread the virus in his parish.

“I am ordering you to get the vaccine against coronavirus within a week. Other you will be suspended without pay until you do so,” Metropolitan Bishop Iakovos of Mytilene warned.

According to public broadcaster ERT, on October 26, the feast day of St Dimitrios, a priest with Covid-19 had conducted a service.

It is now being investigated whether the priest knew he was infected as two or three days later many cases appeared in his parish.

His family members, as well as those who assisted him in the service, have also fallen ill with the virus.

ERT reports that among the 35 priests in the diocese who have not been vaccinated are Covid deniers, who urge their flocks not to wear masks, including in churches.

On Thursday, the Greek Church’s governing body urged the faithful to produce a negative Covid-19 test before coming to church, as infections broke new records this week. (ERT)