Restrictions in number of supermarket customers return


Fewer people will be allowed in supermarkets as of Saturday with the return of the rule that allows one person per 9 square meters after it was scrapped on October 25.

Until Friday, one person per 2 sq.m. was allowed in supermarkets. The measure is being introduced as the idea of ​​allowing the entry of unvaccinated citizens in supermarkets only with a negative rapid test was aborted, at least for the time being, as it was deemed difficult to implement.

These reservations were also echoed on Friday morning by Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who had stated that the possibility of unvaccinated citizens entering the supermarkets with a rapid test had been discussed, but there were problems in terms of its implementation.

“Of course it is being examined, but there are problems. We also discussed it at the meeting at Maximos Mansion,” he told Open TV. “There are some of our fellow citizens who will not even take a rapid test and we cannot deprive them of access to basic goods,” he added.