Cracks appear in wall of unvaccinated

As health system wages uphill battle, number of first-dose shots showing significant rise

Cracks appear in wall of unvaccinated

The first cracks in the wall of the unvaccinated are becoming visible with the significant increase of first-dose vaccinations, while persistently high infection rates and hospitalizations are placing the National Health System (ESY) under suffocating pressure, and the requisition of Covid beds from the private sector is only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, scientists are calling for mass flu vaccinations, stressing that a possible “twin” attack by the virus may lead to cases of incurable illnesses.

Amid this crisis wreaked by the high infection rates and increased Covid-related hospitalizations, the vaccination situation has offered relative respite with first-dose inoculation rates rising significantly over the last 10 days. On Friday alone, they exceeded 230,000. However, the attempt to create even bigger cracks in the wall of the unvaccinated may prove to be a very difficult ask, as surveys commissioned by the government are finding it extremely hard to establish what convinced those who initially refused or were reluctant to get inoculated. In turn, this difficulty is hampering authorities’ efforts to come up with an effective persuasion campaign.

The surveys also confirmed that the campaigns in favor of vaccination and the goading by health experts on TV are not working. Those who eventually are persuaded to get vaccinated usually do so either due to their personal doctor or a person they trust a lot.

The same research also showed that even the vaccinated, although annoyed at the unvaccinated because of the impact their stance is having on society, do not want to see an extension of mandatory inoculation.

It was found that vaccinated people do want to see an increase in inoculation coverage, but they want it achieved in other ways.

The government clearly expects the coming weeks to be difficult on the coronavirus front and private aides to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis acknowledge that there will be days when the pressure on ESY will be particularly intense.

For this reason, the government is pushing for the requisition of more medical staff and services while the issue of large-scale utilization of private sector units is a matter of time. However, it is expected that eventually the system will endure and with the increase in vaccination rates, booster shots and natural immunity, the pandemic will enter a phase of de-escalation by mid-December.

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