Census takers quitting over uncivil behavior of public


Some 500 census takers in the western port city of Patra have so far resigned owing to the rude and, at times, outright hostile behavior of people being asked to take part in the national census.

“Out of a total of 700 enumerators, so far we have replaced 500, who resigned,” said the director of the Statistical Service of Achaia, Nikos Mourtzouchos, in comments to state-run broadcaster ERT.

“We face many difficulties. People not only refuse to be counted, they refuse to accept the enumerators, to listen to them. The enumerators ring the doorbell and have the door slammed in their face,” he said, adding that most of these people opt to register themselves.

“Most people think that enumerators are salespeople or leaflet distributors and slam the door without listening to anything they have to say,” he said.