Athens metro and tram suspend weekend service extension


The Athens metro and tram are suspending the extension of their nighttime services on the weekends in response to the surge in Covid-19 cases.

Until further notice, the last service on the metro will be as follows on Friday and Saturday nights: 00.08 from Anthoupoli to Elliniko, 00.04 from Elliniko to Anthoupoli, 00.05 from Nikaia to Doukissis Plakentias, 00.02 from Doukissis Plakentias to Nikaia, 23.01 from Nikaia to Athens Airport, 23.32 from the airport to Nikaia and 00.23 from Syntagma in all directions.

The last services on the tram will be at 23.43 from Asklipeio Voulas to Agia Triada, 00.42 from Agia Triada to Asklipeio Voulas, 00.50 from Syntagma to Pikrodafni, 00.10 from Pikrodafni to Syntagma, 00.30 from Syntagma to Asklipeio Voulas, 23.24 from Syntagma to Agia Triada, 23.43 from Asklipeio Voulas to Syntagma and 23.37 from Agia Triada to Syntagma.

The decision goes into effect on Saturday, January 1.