Police investigating criminal rackets make series of arrests around Greece

Police in the Cretan port of Hania on Tuesday detained two Georgian nationals, aged 37 and 30, believed to be members of a racket behind a string of burglaries and muggings in the broader region.

The pair were traced by officers yesterday after refusing to stop at a police roadblock on Monday and abandoning their motorcycle following a police chase.

Together with the motorcycle, the suspects abandoned two rucksacks crammed with jewelry and other valuables.

Police are seeking another two suspects.

Over the weekend, two more criminal rackets were broken by police on the island of Rhodes in the Dodecanese and in Ilia, in the Peloponnese.

Police on Rhodes arrested a 27-year-old Palestinian and a 30-year-old Algerian believed to be part of a robbery and forgery ring.

Two Albanians, aged 23 and 28, were detained in Ilia in connection with a ring linked to violent robberies and the manslaughter of a 63-year-old gas station owner.