Game over for angry gamer

A long losing streak on an online gaming site was what allegedly set off a 48-year-old man who was arrested on Wednesday in the southern Athenian suburb of Alimos for threatening the life of the local website administrator.

The man allegedly began sending angry e-mails to the 33-year-old administrator of a popular gaming and networking website, which escalated to threats after he started to believe that the reason he kept losing at his favorite backgammon game was because it was rigged.

The suspect allegedly found the firm?s local headquarters in the suburb of Neo Faliro and vandalized the doorbells, then sending an e-mail to the administrator saying that next time he would cause more damage and hurt his family.

As the tone of the e-mails became increasingly violent, the administrator contacted the police, who traced the suspect.

?It is very common for websites with multiple users to receive threatening messages,? a police officer told Kathimerini. ?Usually the administrators ignore them, but this time the suspect went one step further.?