Ferries to be moored in ports on Friday as seamen strike


Ferries are to remain moored at Greek ports on Friday after the union representing the country's seamen called a 24-hour strike for that day to protest another round of austerity measures being debated in Parliament this week.

In a statement, the Panhellenic Seamen's Union (PNO) said it was proceeding with the action as the "the problems faced by seamen are not only not being resolved by those in government…but are being aggravated even more by the constant stream of new prior actions, reforms and cutbacks demanded by the third memorandum."

Among PNO's key gripes are the "demolition" of the seamen's pension fund, NAT, the "looting" of its assets, growing unemployment in the sector and worsening working conditions.

The union said it would escalate its action unless its concerns are addressed.