The system must be rebuilt from scratch

The devastation is great, as is the anger. But we must move on and do what is necessary so we don’t live through this again anytime soon.

The firefighting system needs to be rebuilt, from scratch. The individual bravery of the firefighters is not backed up by a solid system. 

The mentalities and attitudes that used to lead to great disasters are still here. Yesterday’s apology by the prime minister is a brave recognition of these pathogens.

It is not a matter of money.

The “system” cannot and does not want to manage a new structure with continuous exercises, training and coordination. That’s why any serious institution that has tried to help has crashed into a brick wall.

It is necessary to uproot the old, worn-out elements that manage to survive regardless of who is in power. Otherwise, whatever billions are spent will fall into a black hole.

Indeed, great strides have been taken in civil protection. The operation of the 112 emergency communications service did save lives. However, there is a long way to go, especially in terms of coordination with regional authorities and municipalities.

A holistic plan must be prepared for northern Evia, not limited to emergency aid, nor to just repairing the damage, but which will lay the foundations for the developmental regeneration of the place that was destroyed.

Finally, a new shift in environmental protection is needed. It is on the prime minister’s personal agenda and he alone can make bold decisions and break the mold, no matter how much pressure he comes under not to act. Establishing an independent environmental protection authority could, for example, be very helpful.

Any self-respecting country would commission a team of independent experts, who would combine practical experience with knowledge to see what went wrong and what needs to change, without trying to protect anyone.

Experience constantly shows that whoever compromises with the old and the worn-out pays for it, along with the country itself.

The agenda of this government was to change everything. It has changed a lot, it has raised expectations for the effectiveness of the state and now it is facing a great challenge. It is up to the government to seize it and show that it can deal with decades-long pathogens. Closing its ears to the toxic paranoia but also to those who believe that the problems are solved with more money.

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