New board needed to boost Greek tourism sector

I am 41 years old and have lived mostly outside Greece although I have a home in Corfu. My work has taken me to live and work in seven countries. I enjoyed reading your recent articles (July 24, 25) regarding Greece’s tourism sector. I have had many discussions with friends, Greeks and non-Greeks, on the state of the Greek tourism industry. I must say I wholeheartedly agree with your article. The shortsightedness that exists is very troubling and it is difficult to see what will make it turn around in the short term without some government intervention. There is a large growing (tourist) population in parts of the world, such as the Far East, that is slowly finding its way to places like France and Italy but, due to infrastructure efficiencies and lack of high-end alternatives, Greece is missing out. That said, we should realize that, due to lack of big-business investment in the last 30 years, Greece has not suffered from overdeveloped ghettos such as those in Spain. Due to the lack of large industries we are also largely free of the polluted beaches of Italy. This means that Greece should really be in a strong position to take advantage of its unique features, such as its history and fantastic landscapes, which should leave the visitor with a very positive experience. But an initiative like this must be implemented with vision from both the state and (foreign) investors. We need a tourism board that takes all these variables into consideration and sets its sights on quality. That is what will lead Greece (and its inhabitants) to benefit in the long run. ALEX FINOS, London.