July 26, 1956

TREATY OF LAUSANNE: Political and diplomatic circles in Athens, referring to statements by the leader of the Turkish opposition and the former deputy prime minister of Turkey, Ismet Inonu, who claims among other things that the union of Greece and Cyprus would be a violation of the Treaty of Lausanne, have made the following observation: «The only person not qualified to speak about Turkey’s alleged ancient rights is Ismet Inonu, for it was he who co-signed the Treaty of Lausanne along with the declaration that «his government has no claims to the territories of the former Ottoman Empire which are now outside Turkey’s borders.» At that time also, the Turkish delegation in Lausanne had clearly stated that «the inhabitants of territories outside Turkey’s borders have the right to choose in absolute freedom the way they are to be governed.» FLEMING-MAUROIS: London, 23 – Lady Amalia Fleming, the Greek widow of the scientist Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, has revealed that the French writer Andre Maurois has agreed to write her late husband’s biography. ARONIS: 23 – One of the leading actors of the National Theater, Theodoros Aronis, died last night after a long and painful illness.