Two-day conference on Covid-19 challenges kicks off Tuesday


Kathimerini newspaper is organizing a two-day conference on the health and socioeconomic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The first day of the Athens Health Summit focuses on the European Union’s strategy against the pandemic, including actions to mitigate the socioeconomic impact and the bloc’s Covid-19 recovery plan.

The second day of the conference focuses on Greece’s management of the pandemic. Looking towards the future, participants will discuss the opportunities and the possibilities for building a resilient and strong health system for the post-Covid era, leveraging the full potential of digital transformation and making the health sector a driving force in the growth of the local economy.

The majority of speakers will be physically present at the conference venue. Participants will attend the conference virtually, through a dedicated platform.

For more details about the conference and the program, please refer to the official website.