War in Ukraine will probably end with ‘dirty deal’

The American political commentator, author and weekly columnist for The New York Times, tells Kathimerini that the ongoing war in Ukraine will probably be resolved with “a dirty deal” that will include the loss of a part of eastern Ukraine in exchange for Kyiv’s accession to NATO and the European Union.

Democracy and Europe

In an inspired speech at the Athens Democracy Forum Thursday, the president of the European Commission outlined the course of democracy from ancient Athens to today, noting its successes, its imperfections, its retreats, and its current challenges.

Athens Democracy Forum turns 10

In October 2012, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was the keynote speaker at the IHT Global Conversation, an event marking the International Herald Tribune’s 125th anniversary in Paris.

President inaugurates Athens Democracy Forum

Democracy is what binds Europe and the developed world together, and serves as a form of reference, but must be protected and reinvent itself, President Katerina Sakellaropoulou told the opening of the Athens Democracy Forum 2022 in Athens on Wednesday evening.

Annual conference runs September 28-30

The Athens Democracy Forum turns 10 this year and is marking this milestone with a rich roster of distinguished speakers, presenting their views on the theme: “A Decade of Democracy: Now What?” 

Democracy’s arc from Athens to Myanmar

What would a citizen of ancient Athens have thought if he were able to see today’s mayor present, via video link, the City of Athens Democracy Award to a young woman from Myanmar for her struggles for the oppressed Rohingya minority, for reconciliation and democracy in Southeast Asia?

Falling through the cracks

Host communities must do more than meet the basic needs of refugees, promoting social inclusion and equal opportunity for newcomers, the Athens Democracy Forum was told Thursday.