Athenians are seen strolling on the forested Hymettus mountain in the district of Kaisariani on Friday, to mark Labor Day – known in Greece as Protomayia. The holiday is traditionally celebrated by going to the countryside to gather flowers and make wreaths. [Pantelis Saitas/ANA-MPA] 


Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Greek designers created Constantinopoly, where players buy plots in Constantinople using Byzantine and Ottoman coins to build the city’s famous monuments, while historical events such as the city’s fall in 1453 influence the development of the game. The board game aims to spread knowledge of Greek culture and history in an innovative way.


Young girls get elaborate hairdos based on ancient Greek styles during International Museum Day at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth in southern Greece on Saturday. The event, which drew the attention of Greek and foreign visitors alike, sought to pay tribute to Corinthian beauty as expressed through the elaborate hairstyles found on statues, busts and clay statuettes, as well as various head ornaments and styling instruments. International Museum Day is an annual celebration coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). [ANA-MPA]


It was late August 2005 when a group of mountaineers based in Vrilissia, northern Athens, arrived on Icaria with the aim of mapping the Aegean island’s network of mountain paths, which up until then were mostly uncharted and had in many cases become impassable.


Running through October 1, Premiere Nights is considered one of the country’s biggest film events, thanks to a program comprising some of the greatest releases of the year, exclusive premieres, interesting tributes and special guests.


A healthy diet with lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables and no processed food, often vigorous daily exercise, a clean natural environment and a different outlook on life, where one is happy with little – these are among the reasons often cited for the longevity of the inhabitants of the island of Icaria, who are among the longest-living people in the world.


Lesvos has become a magnet for bicycle-riding Turkish holidaymakers this summer, and municipal authorities say large numbers of Turks have been traveling to the northeastern Aegean island specifically for this purpose over the past few months.


Despite the fact that all the tables were occupied, silence prevailed. Next to us, a well-dressed gentleman who looked to be in his 80s was enjoying dinner alone – the entire ritual: first course, second course, not too much dessert, just a couple of bites, then a little cheese and a final sip of red wine, Greek wine. 


The Greek summer is enchanting. It’s not just the sun, the colors, or the friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. It’s not even the unplanned feasts and planned festivals.