A nose for opera

Luigi Cherubini’s “Medea” provided the inspiration for the Greek National Opera’s new bespoke candle, as the company prepares to stage the late 18th-century opera at the Stavros Niarchos Hall this spring.

Artists light up SNFCC for Christmas

Five new artistic lighting installations are being switched on as of Thursday at the Stavros Niarchos Park in Athens marking the start of the Christmas season.

How to sustain the will to run as a daily habit

Nicole Hagobian, a marathon runner, running coach, and sport and exercise scientist at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, knows just how hard it can be to lace up her running shoes and get herself out the door.

Cosmetics industry to make up for some ground lost

The cosmetics industry in Greece is bracing for a rebound this year, as the association of the sector’s company (PSBAK) expects turnover to post a 4.5% annual increase in 2022 while remaining well below pre-pandemic figures.

Athens Tattoo Convention returns

Starting on May 13, some 350 tattoo artists (among them all-star personalities in the field) from Greece and around the world will be introducing a great variety of tattoo art genres over a colorful three-day period.

Is Athens the true city that never sleeps?

It may be a slogan for NYC, but night owls local to the Greek capital know to adjust their expectations when traveling there just like anywhere else in the world, because evenings out in any other city never seem quite long enough when you’re used to one that, truly, never sleeps.

How we make sense of time

Deep inside a mountain in West Texas, Alexander Rose has been working to build a clock with a pendulum that will tick for 10,000 years.

Athenians mark first day of May with spring wreaths

Athenians are seen strolling on the forested Hymettus mountain in the district of Kaisariani on Friday, to mark Labor Day – known in Greece as Protomayia. The holiday is traditionally celebrated by going to the countryside to gather flowers and make wreaths. [Pantelis Saitas/ANA-MPA] 

Byzantium inspires Greek board game

Inspired by the popular board game Monopoly, Greek designers created Constantinopoly, where players buy plots in Constantinople using Byzantine and Ottoman coins to build the city’s famous monuments, while historical events such as the city’s fall in 1453 influence the development of the game. The board game aims to spread knowledge of Greek culture and history in an innovative way.

The return of ancient Greek hairstyles

Young girls get elaborate hairdos based on ancient Greek styles during International Museum Day at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth in southern Greece on Saturday. The event, which drew the attention of Greek and foreign visitors alike, sought to pay tribute to Corinthian beauty as expressed through the elaborate hairstyles found on statues, busts and clay statuettes, as well as various head ornaments and styling instruments. International Museum Day is an annual celebration coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). [ANA-MPA]