US, Western Europe fret over uncertain Ukraine war endgame

An interminable and unwinnable war in Europe? That’s what NATO leaders fear and are bracing for as Russia’s war in Ukraine grinds into its third month with little sign of a decisive military victory for either side and no resolution in sight.

Syrians in desperate need of aid hit hard by Ukraine fallout

Umm Khaled hardly leaves the tent where she lives in northwest Syria, and she says she doesn’t pay attention to the news. But she knows one reason why it is getting harder and harder to feed herself and her children: Ukraine. “Prices have been going up, and this has been happening to us since the […]

US should negotiate end of Ukraine war now

Jeffrey Sachs is urging the United States to negotiate with Russia and find a decisive resolution to the war in Ukraine. The eminent Columbia University professor of economics heads the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Leadership Council (SDSN).

EU plans phased oil ban on Russia, also targeting more banks

The European Union’s chief executive on Wednesday proposed a phased oil embargo on Russia over its war in Ukraine, as well as sanctioning Russia’s top bank and banning Russian broadcasters from European airwaves, in a bid to deepen Moscow’s isolation.

Civilians evacuated from Mariupol but many remain trapped

Humanitarian organizations worked to evacuate more civilians from the devastated Ukrainian port city of Mariupol on Monday but hundreds of people remained trapped in the Azovstal steel works, the last stronghold of resistance to the Russian siege.

Food prices could surge another 22 percent

The war between Russia and Ukraine which together represent 30% of the world wheat market affecting 50 countries, could raise global food prices (which already are at a high level) by up to 22 percent over the next couple of years.