After last week’s period of “adaptation” to the new pandemic measures, this week is expected to see the enforcement of fines and penalties for violations in the workplace and in restaurants.


30.08.2021 / 09:15

The government is reportedly mulling alternative scenarios for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations in the event that the goal of one million new shots is not achieved soon.

30.08.2021 / 08:25

After the traumatic experience of this year’s destructive blazes, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is reportedly intent on “changing everything” regarding the structures, methods, means and personnel when it comes to fighting forest fires.

23.08.2021 / 19:03

With the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, an additional complication has been added to the already heavily burdened agenda of the government which has pre-emptively placed the country on standby at all levels in light of a possible new wave of refugees and migrants to Greece.

26.07.2021 / 14:51

The government has decided to refrain from imposing additional restrictions and, above all, compulsory vaccination for occupational categories other than health care workers and nursing home staff, at least until the end of August, when it can better assess the progress of the inoculation program and the course of the pandemic.

12.07.2021 / 08:09

The arrival in full force of the Delta coronavirus variant and the new spike in cases is prompting the government to step up efforts to boost vaccination rates, amid growing concern about the possible effects on tourism and the economy in general.

28.06.2021 / 22:43

Following the Israeli blueprint, Greece’s Defense Ministry is reportedly developing a plan whereby the mandatory military service of conscripts will be used to develop additional professional skills, for their own benefit but also for that of the armed forces and the state apparatus as a whole.

22.06.2021 / 22:21

Summertime will not bring in a pause in Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ efforts to implement his promised reforms. If anything, two bills to be tabled soon in Parliament are expected to bring further heat from the opposition.

22.06.2021 / 08:18

Government officials believe that Greek-Turkish relations will enter a calmer period following last Monday’s meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Brussels.

14.06.2021 / 09:39

With Greece’s vaccination program moving forward, albeit with slightly lower-than-expected participation among certain age groups and areas of the country, the government is bracing for the next step, regarding the scope of mandatory inoculations and benefits-privileges for those who get their jabs.

07.06.2021 / 22:01

Greece will use the money provided through the EU’s Recovery Fund – 18.2 billion euros in subsidies and €12.7 billion in loans, to be augmented by private capital – to aid vulnerable groups, small and medium-sized enterprises, the islands and culture, while also placing emphasis on training programs, government officials say.

31.05.2021 / 12:07

The procedures governing deportations and returns of migrants who enter Greece from third countries will become tighter and stricter, according to legislation drafted by the Migration Policy Ministry and presented at Monday’s cabinet meeting.

24.05.2021 / 08:10

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his top aides have made it their top priority to ensure this year’s tourist season does not resemble the disastrous one of last year’s, despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is still going on.