07.05.2021 / 20:04

Who was the wreathed woman found lavishly buried on a bed beneath the foundations of a modern house in the Kozani village of Mavropigi? Was she a noblewoman or was she connected to the cult of Apollo?

17.04.2019 / 17:03

Idols, clay lamps and amphorae, drinking cups, perfume vases, jewelry and other utilitarian and decorative objects make up the 300,000 or so finds unearthed during excavation work for the Thessaloniki metro.

26.03.2019 / 01:03

I first visited Skopje in 1997. It had all the elements to become a charming city with a strong modernist identity, expanding on the reconstruction that was carried out with the help of Greek architect Constantinos Doxiadis after the devastating earthquake in 1963.

15.03.2019 / 08:32

An enormous public fountain from late antiquity – one of the most impressive finds during excavations in 2018 for the construction of the Thessaloniki metro – will form the centerpiece of a new archaeological site in the heart of the northern port city, according to reports.

25.02.2019 / 15:12

Catalan musician Josep Tero’s relationship to Greece was defined by two significant incidents. The first was his arrest and 12-hour incarceration during the dictatorship. The next was 20 years later, when he was ejected from Mount Athos because he was Catalonian.

11.02.2019 / 18:05

It first appeared on the Thessaloniki waterfront in 1995 during the northern port city’s Dimitria cultural festival, in the location now occupied by George Zongolopoulos’s iconic Umbrellas sculpture.

14.03.2018 / 17:39

Nine in 10 Greeks regard archaeology as valuable, useful, fascinating and important in building a national conscience and identity, well above their peers in eight other European countries, according to a new study.

09.06.2017 / 12:32

What kind of residential, political and commercial structures did the Greek colonies on the northwestern coast of the Aegean have 2,700 years ago?

15.02.2017 / 15:36

This year is the centenary of the fire and the anniversary will be marked with lectures, publications and exhibitions recounting the blaze and conveying what life was like in the city before and after the disaster. 

20.01.2017 / 10:55

It took Thessaloniki seven decades to restore its memories, recognize its mistakes, and, above all, to apologize for a piece of its history that was silently buried under the foundations of its university. 

16.12.2016 / 10:03

The Islahhane of Thessaloniki, an Ottoman complex that has served a number of different owners and uses since the late 19th century, is ready to reopen as a cultural venue following a four-year restoration by the Culture Ministry’s Central Council of Modern Monuments.