Turkey’s tough week in Washington, DC

Turkey’s tough week in Washington, DC

On Sunday the AP ran a story highlighting the continued silent treatment the Biden administration is giving to Turkey’s President Erdogan.

This story rounds out what has been a tough week for Turkey in Washington, where it got a lot of pushback from both Congress and the administration.

This included a Senate push for the administration to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, the State Department and the Justice Department saying that Turkey is liable for the attack on protesters in DC in 2017, and Secretary Blinken’s testimony in the House on issues related to the Aegean and the East Med. Pushback against Turkey wasn’t limited to Washington. Most recently, Egypt also shut down Ankara’s narrative of a diplomatic reconciliation between Ankara and Cairo.

Endy Zemenides, HALC’s Executive Director, joins The Greek Current podcast to break down the latest news from Washington, DC and the region. We’ll also look at his latest op-ed in Kathimerini titled “Revisiting The Social Contract.”