Greater acceptance of coronavirus jab, though restrictions starting to tire


A rising number of Greeks want to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus and want the jab “as soon as possible,” a recent survey conducted by Pulse for Skai TV has shown.

According to the February 26-28 survey that was published on Monday, 80% of respondents said they plan to have the jab against 74% from a previous survey carried out on January 25-27. Moreover, the percentage of those who refuse to get vaccinated also shrank from 21% in late January to 18% roughly a month later.

The survey also recorded a certain sense of urgency among citizens, with 61% of respondents saying that they would like to have the jab “as soon as possible,” against 47% in January’s poll.

Greeks also appear to understand the necessity of restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus, with 68% of respondents being in favor of an extension to current lockdown measures. However, some fatigue is also evident as 24% said they want measures to be lifted as soon as possible, against 17% in the previous survey.