Man accused of double murder appears before prosecutor


A 32-year-old man, accused of murdering his wife and her brother, has appeared before a prosecutor in the city of Volos, central Greece, on Tuesday.

The wife, and mother of his four-year-old child, was in the process of filing restraining orders against him following a pattern of violent behavior and attempted to have him committed to a psychiatric institute.

The man originally allegedly attacked his mother-in-law with a knife, who survived with only minor wounds, before attacking his wife and her brother. As he fled from the scene, a rapid police deployment prevented him from escaping as was stopped by a police roadblock.

“I can not remember what I did. I went to see my child and they stopped me. They forbid me from seeing it and said they were trying to commit me. I lost control, pushed my wife and her brother to reach my child on the top floor. I did not realize I used a knife,” he reportedly told his lawyer about the incident.