Journalists’ union ‘shocked’ by murder of crime reporter


The Athens Journalists’ Union (ESHEA) said it was “shocked” by the assassination of a crime reported in Athens on Friday, and called on the authorities to resolve the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. 

“ESHEA states that journalists are not intimidated by killings, injuries and threats and points out that it will defend the freedom of the press and the unimpeded work of journalists against any pressure and threat, much more against mafia practices and criminal plans,” the union said in a press release.

Giorgos Karaivaz, was shot at least six times in an attack that had all the hallmarks of a planned ambush as he was coming back home from work on a daytime show on Star TV, shortly after 2 p.m.

The assailants likely used a weapon that was muffled with a silencer.

The union noted that this is the second killing of a journalist after the shooting of investigative journalist Sokratis Giolias in 2010.